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Our pomade is packed with powerful bark extracts to improve your hair

Topgun Wax Pomade features powerful bark extracts from Canada’s Red Maple, Black Spruce, Jack Pine and Yellow Birch that will work in synergy to improve your hair in many ways.

Reduction in shedding

Hydrated hair

Healthy shine

UV ray protection

"One of the best products"

"After trying top gun for over a year, I can confidently say that it is one of the best products that I have tried on the market. It smells good, easy to wash and holds very well. What more can you ask?"

by Vladimir

"J'adore le produit."

"J’adore le produit. C’est la meilleure consistance, ça sent bon. D’habitude je dois mélanger comme 3 produits différents pour donner le même effet que votre produit me donne! Thanks les boys!"

by Jay

"The one i love!"

"Its my daily men-grooming hair product! I would recommend it to who ever loves a mild shine and a prefect hold! I don't know how they did it, i was looking for a hair product like this for so long! been changing for different years and finally got the one i love! Thank you Top Gun! And it's all made in Montreal, QUEBEC!"

by Bavan

Are you ready to win the hair game?

Win the hair game with the advanced formula that took 3 years to craft and was developed to perfection with world-class chemists and barbers. Engineered for thick, straight and wavy hair types, you’ll rapidly notice that it confidently lasts all day, doesn’t flake and washing it off is surprisingly quick.  

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